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Today was Thursday . I got up at 6.30 O’clock . This morning I had two pieces of toasted bread with strawberry jam and milk as my breakfast . Then I went to school . I wear another shoes today because another one was wet so I had to dry it . I read my novel while I waiting in preschool floor . Then I went up to my classroom at 7.45 O’clock . I did my spelling homework before a class start . The first class was the class about bible . We used bible to study in this class . Next we had math class . We had math test today . When I finish it , I continue do my spelling homework . Then we had break time . I didn’t go outside . Because I didn’t finish my homework yet . I also brought Pocky to school as snack . Then we had English and literature class . We had assignment on both class . I finished English assignment already . But I didn’t finish literature assignment yet . Then we had lunch . I had butter peanut sandwich , milk , and potato chips as lunch . After that we went to change our cloths into fun in the sun T-shirt and Hawaiian shirt . We did it because we had musical performance at 1 O’clock . After we changed our cloths , we went out side in break time . I played football with my friends . Then we came back to play musical performance . It took about one hour in the performance . We will have musical tomorrow at 7 P.M. Then we came back to classroom to study science . We had assignment in science . I finished it already . After class we went to change our cloths into a regular cloths . Then we went home . When I arrived at home , I went to bedroom suddenly . I took a nap for 30 minutes . Because I felt very sleepy ( hahaha ) . Then when I woke up , I went to stay in a living room for a while . After that mom took as to Festival . We bought many things there . It was all about food . We stayed there about an hour . Then we went to have dinner at Four season restaurant . I had BBQ rib , fired chickens , salad , chicken noodle , and pudding as dinner . It has a lot of food . So , I took a piece of fried chicken home . Mom and Junior also took food home too . Then we went to Walmart for Junior to buy his new phone case . He bought it because his phone was fall down and its screen was broken . So , he had to buy new case that can protect his phone than the old one . Then we came back home . I stayed in the living room for an hour . Then call my mother and talk to her slotted bit . Then I upload my blog .

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