We wake up at 7.15 because yesterday we wake up too fast and we wait for a hour to go out. Then we ate a breakfast and take a shower. Then we go down to the lobby at 8.20 but we forgot our keycard room!!!! And we go to the counter for have a another key. We go up and took a old keycard then we bring the new keycard back to the counter. Today we walk by the street for shopping I can’t remember all of shop that we go. I can remember is the Disney shop. I buy a Tsum Tsum(the game of Disney application) doll,something for Sky(my young brother) Then we go to mall for shopping again! And we ate lunch at food life first. I ate Chinese food it’s a orange chicken with jasmine rice. We finish to eat at 12.30 and we have a lot time to shopping because we end the shopping at this mall at 4 o’clock!!! First I go to Lego shop and buy a Star Wars Lego for Sky and it’s too expensive @_@ Then we medicine shop but I didn’t buy anything. Then we go to Aero shop I buy a shirt to go back to Thailand tomorrow. We took a long time at Aero shop. Then we go to Bath&Body Works shop I buy something for my friend. Then we go down to ate a ice-cream. And we go to ate hot dog for our last dinner. Then we get on the train to go back to hotel and we have to half a group because it’s had a lot of people on the train and they can’t get all of our on the train. Today we ㅠ go back very fast because we have to packing our shopping stuff and the clothes. And we pack all stuff. Then we go to bed very early. Today is my last day at America I feel so sad. I hope I can come to America next year!!! BYE