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TodayI woke up at 6.00 A.M. and I woke up by my self today, I went to the bathroom wash my face and brush my teeth then I change my cloth. I go down the house and ate my breakfast at 6.20 A.M. and finished at about 6.35 A.M. and Jadian sleep on the sofa again so her father can easily woke her up in the morning, her father woke up very early than everyone because he have to work in the morning, he went to worked at about 6.30 A.M. while I’m eating my breakfast and every day he will told me that have a good day Bam and I said thanks, you too. I go up to my bedroom and sat there for 5 minutes and then Jadian asked me that I’m ready or not and I’m ready already so I woke Mind up at 6.40 A.M. and get my bag and go down the house. We are at school around 6.45 A.M. and Jadian do her worked in the computer for the zero class. The first class his U.S. A.P. Government and it will have 2 presentation and 2 quiz every day and when the class started 2 of the presentator do a rock paper scissor and who lose have to do a presentation first. The next class learnt about house and do a work with a partner. The next class it free. Senior students must go to the auditorium to vote for 5 people that come to speak in front for about half an hour. The next class Math when she go inside Math class it was 11.40 A.M. already so we do an exercise and Jadian finished the exercise in the class so she don’t have a homework in Math today. At lunch we keep our bags in the next lesson first then we go down and get a lunch and I got peanut butter and jelly bread today and it have a string cheese and a cookie too. A.P. U.S. History class the teacher let students watched the video first and then he gave a quiz in last 15 minutes. When we walked out of the class we saw Alex, Muk and her friends and Jadian talked with Alex for a minutes and one of Jadian friend ran from the back and get her water bottle that have no water hit on my head and Jadian head and we laugh there for a while. The last class is free because Jadian finished her video game already so she sat there and draw a picture in the computer. We’re at home about 2.30 and Julie go to get Mind and Mind were home at 3.05. We go to walmart around 5 and I buy some snacks back home.

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