Sawasdee ka! Today, I arrived at school about 7:35 am. I had cereal for breakfast, I ate rice crispy with chocolate milk. Before the first class started, Syd and I went to the room that have freezer. We took 3 pizzas and a bow of cookie to give the person who order and make sure that they get the right box. Then we went to the first class, gym class. We played kickball and went to fitness room. Syd did the weight lifting, she had big muscle, but I can’t lift the weight, It’s too heavy for me, so I went to ride a bike (fitness bike). It is much easier than lifting the weight. The second class was Spanish. We studied about colors in Spanish, so Mrs.Callejón asked me how to say green and yellow in Thai language. I said khieo is green and luang is yellow. Luang is too hard for American people to say, they can’t say in the right way. The hardest color was blue, nam ngern. Mrs.Callejón also taught me how to say all the colors in Spanish, like brown is marrón, white is blanco. Now, I know how to say all the colors in 4 languages, Thai, English, Japanese, and Spanish. The third class was Algebra, still learning about graph. While we were sitting in the Algebra room before the teacher start teaching, Syd sang a song not very loud, but everybody can hear. The song that she sang was the High School Musical song, song in Oklahoma, “What A Beautiful Mornin'”. I saw most of the American kids use pencil that made of wood, but most of the Thai kids use clutch-type pencil. The forth class was Social Studies, we had time in this class to continue our project. Today, we knew that which group will do their presentation first on Wednesday, the first group is Makaylee and Gabe. I think we’re very lucky, because I don’t want to go first. After this class, we had lunch, I had pizza for lunch (big piece hmmm!). At lunch time Syd and Emily hide my water bottle, but finally I found it in Syd’s lunch box. Sydnee told me that my water bottle was with Emily, but I saw Syd put my bottle in her lunch box. Today, I had to sit in Mrs.Mcgrath’s room again (language room) because 8th grade had a test, so I were in that room drew some picture, read a book for an hour. When they finished the test, we went to quest class. We had to finish yesterday’s opener. So sad, very sad, super sad, My team didn’t win the game, so we didn’t get Chocolate. Lydia’s team won, so I asked her for some chocolate (hahaha). The next class was band, the played many songs, I don’t know what to write about this class cuz I just sit and listen to the music, I didn’t talk or do anything.*just sit and listen-.,- very boring. The last class wasn’t language, It was reading. Why today has reading….because yesterday we didn’t have reading class! We had to read at the library. After that Syd and I came back home, while Syd doning her homework, I wrote my blog. Mom was making scramble egg for supper. While we were eating our dinner, our neighbor came to our house. She gave our family 50 dollars for taking care of her dogs, Oliver & Snickers for one week. After dinner, I went outside the house and Sydnee taught me how to play volleyball, but in a few minutes we change sport cuz I can’t play volleyball in the right way. Then we decided to play basketball, Syd, Dad, and I played basket ball for a couple minutes. Then we went to Frogg’s Ice Cream (Bryce works here), I got “Twisted Tadpole” it is a chocolate and vanila ice-cream mix together. Yummy!! After finished eating ice-cream, we came home. Syd and I play basketball again. Then I went to shower because it was 8 o’clock already. I’ve to go to bed now^^ Bye Bye!**the name of the topic is private, only some of my friends, Syd, mom, dad, Bryce know that hihi “kha-oww”