Today,I woke up with laziness at about 10 o’clock . My first meal was Kuai Jub that my mom bought from the market but I didn’t eat the noodle and parsley in Kuai Jub. Than I watched a tennis match between a Russian player and a Chinese player on Ture vision . Before noon I went to see my piano teacher to set our lesson time . After that my parents and I visited Export Center on Ratchada road to buy exercise pants for the Dharma camp. After we finished the mission my parents and I drove to Nai chai in Don Mueang to have lunch. We enjoyed noodle, Fried fish-paste balls and Satey pork. I planed to go to rowed a boat after T.Too class. Today I learned that time is valuable because I didn’t have much time to do my home work.
bangpan-june 7