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Today I woke up at 6:30 A.M. First I did all if my morning routine. Then I had a whole grain cereal for breakfast. After I packed all my stuff, I made my lunch. It was a simple sandwich and some other snacks. Then I walked to school and met all my friends. Today, first class was American Government, we studied about court cases. Then it was English as a Second Language, we read a story called Ta-Na-E-Ka and did some vocabularies. After that it was Español and religion and both of them are boring. The next class was geometry I did many exercises about quadrilateral and it was pretty fun. Then I had lunch with my friends. Then it was English, we studied about comma usage and it was very hard. The next class was gym we played kick ball and Jan slipped on the floor hahaha because this morning was raining. The last class was biology, we did worksheets. Then I went home with Austin and Tim. Then I came back and played basketball and frisbee. After that I ate supper and played card games and I’ll go to bed soon!!

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