Hi! Today, I had to go to school, I arrived at school about 7:30 am. i heard many kids talk about Easter basket and yesterday’s basketball tournament. My first class for today was gym. We played kickball. Syd is very good at playing sports, but i’m not. ToT so sad. When gym class was over, we went to Spanish class, today the students had to take a Spanish quiz. Then we went to the next class, that was Algebra. Today’s lesson was about graph again, but get harder. The next class was Social Studies. Our teacher showed us short video of my religion, Buddhism. After that we had lunch, I had chicken burger ( only chicken & bread ). It taste good! >< I went to reading class after finished lunch. In this class, I just talked, talked, and talked. Then I went to quest, today’s opener was good, I liked that game ( actually not a game, IDK ). We had to write thing that we like and dislike on the paper. I wrote I like pink things, but I don’t like carrot. Then we had to fold the paper rocket, and throw it in the middle of the room. We had to caught one paper rocket, and read it out loud, so everyone can guess who was the owner of that paper rocket. After this class, we went to the band room. I sat beside Syd, and watched everybody played the music. I like a song called ‘ The Magic of Harry Potter’. Our last class was language class. We watched video about America. That video made me boring! When the school end, Syd and I took a bus home, yellow school bus ^^ . Syd doesn’t like the bus. Syd had to go to her DI practice, she will finish her practice about 6 o’clock, so she can’t go roller skate with me. I want her to go with meeee!!! I met Pang, Lily, Fah, In, and others. I love roller skating, it was very fun. ^^