I will continue my story. After my host and I got out of the store, we went to the house. At my host house , there are 1 dog and 1 cat. They showed me where the things are and showed me my bed room. My bed room is next to Maggie’s bed room. I started to put my clothes and my stuff in my bed room . Then, we had a dinner at 5.30. Mom made hamburger for us all. It was very tasty. After that, I went to bed at 9o’clock. My bed was very soft and comfortable. It was very different from the sleeping bag that we use to sleep at school. Then, When I woke up we ate cereals for breakfast and I played the piano for a while. Afterwards , Maggie asked me that did I want to make pie with her ,so the answer was yes! The pie that we made was a pumpkin pie. The pumpkin was from our own garden. We made it together ,so that was a good time for me. While we were making the pie , we talked about things that we like and dislike ,so that made us start to close up. When we finished the pie, she brought me to her friend’s house to get my prom dresses!! I tried about 20 dresses. The dresses was very hard to wear it by myself because it was fluffy and long ,so Maggie helped me to wear all the dresses.