Today I woke up at 6:40, get dress and eat breakfast. Then Emma and I went to eat breakfast, French toast sticks.  About 7:35, dad Kevin took us to school. 15 minutes latter, we were at Bethany and I learn Faith and Math. Then we learn Science and went to eat lunch, orange, pear and chocolate milk. After that, we went outside and I played manawoodship with the 5 greade students. 12:30, the bell rang so we have to go inside and learn Social Studies while the boy in 6 greade weent to gim. Then we have art class and after the bell rang, we can go home. I went out from my classroom and saw Dillon, so we went to find Emma and went to the bus room. 5 minute latter, dad Kevin took us home and we do our homework. Then Emma and I watch T.V. and mom Dori said that she will go out and will be right back. We stary home and watch T.V. unit 6:15 and ate dinner, ramen noodles. After dinner I read a book, write my blog and go to bed.