Yesterday, I woke up at 7 O’clock, take a shower and eat breakfast, pancake with chocolate. Then dad Kevin took Emma, Dillon and I to Bethany school. First, we learn Faith, Math and Science. Then we went to eat lunch, pear,Orange, hamburger and chocolate milk. After  lunch, we went to play outside. We play manawoodship with the 5 grease students unit 12:30 and went inside. We learn Social Studies and art. Then dad Kevin took us back home and Dillon and I do our homework. Emma asked her mom that her friend, Holin can sleepover with her and she asked me who you want to slee over and I said maybe Cyan. So mom Dori called Cyan’s and Holin’s mom that they want to come to sleep over  We make our own pixza and that is our dinner, yummy.We went to bed quit late, 11:20. Bi, we all have great day together today.