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Today, I woke up at about 6 A.M. . I brushed my teeth and took a shower. Then, I ate my breakfast. The breakfast was mini-waffles. They were quite delicious. Then, Dave, Porsche and I went to Megan’s house in order to pick Megan up. Later on, we went to the school. We waited in the basement of the schoo until the bell rang. Then, we entered the school. First, Megan and I went to the Spanish class. I pretty much didn’t understand much of the talking. I knew that on the next Spanish class, we would watch an example of a Latin American Soap Opera. The teacher said that the episode we would be watching was very popular. Next, we went to the Math class. In that class, I began to figure out the equations in the worksheets. I thought that I had finished these types of equations when I was in Grade 8.  Next, we went to the Art Class. I was wondering why the teacher was teaching the same stuff from yesterday. Megan told to me that it was actually a free class which you could finish your homework and other things. So, I used that time in drawing things , explaining and showing Megan and her friends about me and Thailand. Then, we went to the Gym class. We met the gym teacher , Porsche and his buddy. The gym teacher gave us a lock and the combination in order to be used in the boys’ lockers. Later on, Porsche and I went to the locker room and changed our clothes.  In that room, there was a student who said ” Are you from Thailand?” I said yes. I found out that he was from Thailand too. I suspected that he was a second-generation Thai immigrant. I also met another student who was really helpful to me . He helped me in solving the lock combinations. So, he was quite good to me.Then, we went to the gym and started exercising. We ran and made sit-ups and push-ups. I was tired by that. Then, the gym teacher and the other teacher showed us a book about Joe Louis and his boxing matches against Max Schmeling who was a German boxer. They told us the story and talked about school activities. Next, I played hockey with Megan and others. I played both on the offense and on the defense. I had a lot of fun doing that. Next, we went to the English class. The teacher led us finish a mind mapping worksheet about empathy. I grouped up with Megan and another student. We came up with some interesting ideas about empathy. Next, I was grouped with another group of students. One of them was a hmong and the other one was probably a Chinese. We brainstormed about acting safely , making quality discussion  and acting appropriately online. We brainstormed about  those things. Next, I went to lunch with Megan and other classmates. My lunch was peanut butter  and jelly sandwiches. They were quite ok. Later on, we went back to the English class and read the D-day book again. Next, we went to the history class. This time, we watched a documentary about the period in the U.S. when the cities were going up. It was set in the late 1800s-1900s. It was quite nice.

Later on, we went to Science class. Megan told to me that she would have to go to play football at about 2.40 P.M. . So, she sent me to Porsche’s buddy. Porsche,the buddy and I went to another Spanish. I found out that I couldn’t understand about most of the conversations made by teacher. So, I just sat around. I also talked  to the buddy and another student. That student was from Thailand too. She said that she was from Chiang Mai. I also suspected her to be a 2nd generation Thai immigrant. She could speak some Thai which was somewhat beneficial to Porsche, but I prefered to talk to her in English. Then, we finished school. Porsche and I was picked up by Dave. We went to the house. We relaxed in that house for some time. Then, we had our dinner. It was pastas with tuna. It was very delicious. Next, at about 6 P.M., Tricia dropped us at the rolling skate center. In that place, I first saw Bam and Mind walking to enter the building. Then, I saw Geroge, Pat and Praewa. We walked into the building and paid the costs with the money that Tricia provided to us earlier. When we were in that rolling floor, I began to rollerskate again. I am getting better all the time at rollerskating. I felt more confident in rollerskating. I also met who I thought was Bam’s host. I had met him earlier in the center last time.  He was quite a helpful guy who cheered me up. I felt quite nice when I talked to him. I also met other students like Pokpong, Time, Junior,Phu, Plakaow and others. We had a little bit of a talk. Pokpong and George helped me in teaching me how to skate.  I remembered that when I was sitting on a bench. Plakaow told me that Praewa wanted to skate with me ,because she thought that I was alone. I was confused. Plakaow told me to wait for her to come, while Praewa told me that  I should keep skating. I decided to keep skating. Then, we returned to out house by getting on Phu’s host car. She dropped Time to his house before dropping Porsche and I to our house. Then, I updated my blog and went to sleep.

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