Yesterday, Emma and I woke up at 6 O’clock, take shower and get dress. Then we went to eat breakfast, french toast and milk. 7:40, dad Kevin took us to school. (it took 20 minutes from home to Bethany) 8 O’clock, we start the first class, Faith and Math. Then English and Spelling test. After spelling test, we went to eat lunch, mini pancake,  pear, orange and chocolate milk. After that we went outside, but my girl friends were in the gim and watch some 5 greade students played basketball. So I played manawoodship with the 5 greade students. Then we have to go inside and learn Art and writeing. Then we went home and do homework. After that we eat dinner and I read a book. Then we made a birthday card for greadma Miller and went to her house. We talk with her and I listen to myy MP3 player while Emma listen to the music too. 8 a.m. we went back and go to bed