Hi everyone!!
03. 11. 2015
Today is holidays l and my friend (Plakaow) work up in 8.00 am. but we stay in George’s apartment and have a breakfast ( cereal ) but today’s cereals are good because it have favourite .
Then we went to saw deers and many animals examples birds , hawks , skunks . ETC. , When we leaved George ‘s apartment for went to have lunch : we lunch are mexican foods and ice creams but today is important day because today is ice cream shop’s
birthday and we can took anythings in shop by 1 dollars US. . After we went to shopping mall ( walmart ) cause buy somethings for preparation baseballs game in sunday ( tomorrow ) , when we completed the acquisition of we disbanded for shopping . l bought anything examples : cards game , card’s box , water , mama , meals , teets brush and iPhones ‘ s case . After then we went to library and cafe for readed books and relexation , when we came back to George ‘s apartment we luggage were not used in George’s apartment and went to games stores for played any games and have a dinners , when we came back to apartment we take a bath and played cards games
( play card ) we played gold fish , fake and slave . Finally we keep play card and go to sleep .