Yesterday I forgot the tambourine park and I don’t write it down. This part is for yesterday. At 3 o’clock we went to tambourine park. At tambourine park it have a lot of tambourine. And the very special and interesting is rock climbing!!!! I and Josie have to go on a rock climbing and we can go to the top:) it’s not scary if you don’t look down and if you fall down it’s very safety and I think when I fall down it’s very fun because it’s slowly. And this part is for today!!!! In the morning we ate breakfast and take a shower. Then we pack the bag. Next we check out the hotel. And we went to shopping. At lunch we go to eat Thai food!! I like it. It’s a buffet and it’s very good and delicious. Then we went to Josie grandma and grandpa. We play a baseball we have to throw and catch the ball. It’s my first time to play baseball. I think I good in throw but not good in catch I can catch around 4 times^^ Then we back home around 7 o’clock we unpack the bag and next I help Josie to do the homework(only in Math^_^) Tomorrow we have to go to school and this is my last week at school. I feel very sad. ToT