Today I woke up in the morning and have a cereal for breakfast and ride a bike for  along time.  Then when I get back home I met Todd then we go to Sunday school with Jacob. And I just know that Kerry is a teacher already at Sunday school. We learned about Jesus and communion. Then when we finish Sunday school Jacob start sick but he feeling tired and ill. So we grab a aplastic bags and went home. On the way we back home we grab win on the way then we met Todd at home again. Then we leave Jacob home because he don’t want to go and he say he feel better. So we went to Appleton with Kay and his husband and ate lunch together at Thai Japanese restaurant and we have pad Thai and spicy food. When we finish We go and have some coffee and shopping at Kohl and it was very amazing. I bought some new shirt and it not that expensive. Then we get home and we knew George and Patty will come so we just do nothings. Until their come and we played some board game and basketball. The today Jacob have to takes a shower and get to bed early because tomorrow have school.