Today we got up at the same time as yesterday . Today we had sandwich and hot chocolate as a breakfast . In the morning at school , I went to the church with the school . Then we came back and study as everyday . Today I didn’t go out to play kickball because I want to read a book in my classroom . Then we had an English quiz . It’s not hard for me . After that we had a hot lunch ( or something I don’t sure it’s correct ) at the church . The lunch is bread , ham , milk , cake , and something that had green bean in it . This is the first time I had a lunch like this . Then in the afternoon we had second vocabulary quiz for who that did th first time and got bad score like me hahaha . Next we had P.E. class . We had to run 200 meters . It’s fun more than the first time I took it . Then when the school end , I read a book and talked with principle a little bit . Then when I came home , I start writing my blog . Then I went to kitchen for dinner . The dinner is spaghetti . It’s very delicious , mom did it . After that we discuss that we will go to concert in Wisconsin . Then I continue writing my blog .