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Today I woke up so early because Jadian have to do some work at school and I woke up at 6 A.M. but I didn’t woke up by my self today her mom just woke me up and I woke up first thing that I do is brush my teeth and change my clothes and I wear 3 clothes because the weather today is cold today and I didn’t ate my breakfast at home I ate at school and we be at school so early at 6.30 A.M. and while Jadian do her work me and Mind pick up some snack to ate and Jadian finished her worked at about 7.30 A.M. and we ran up to learnt the first subject. In first subject today everyone have to present the story that teacher gave yesterday but someone haven’t present yet the time is up already so we go to the next class computer, she learnt about drawing some picture in a computer and while we learnt Mind had to go to her school for about half an hour pat and George come to get her. I go to my next class history and we watched some video and next we go to math class while we walk to the math class I saw Muk buddy Alex and her boyfriend. In math class I have learnt new topic and it wasn’t much hard for me to learnt so I copy the question and write the answer down and when the time is up I get my bag in to the next class history and go to buy some food to eat and my lunch today is hamburger and chocolate milk and I get my food to the history class and eat in there. When the class is going to start someone told teacher that the principle called you teacher but he just kidding because in the class will make surprise to teacher and teacher go to the main office to find the principle and for about 10 minutes the principle came up in the history classroom with history teacher and when they been talking to each other in the class the history teacher saw the card that all of students on top of the computer and he was shocking and he walked to the computer and open the card to read and he just found the present behind the card and the thing inside that present is tie and he open and wear it that second and he is going to cry because all of students in the class do like that to him but he was not cried, he just really proud of his students and we sit and watching some video in the class. The last class today is making video game and the teacher there open the one that student make and it was very funny. After school I go home and waiting for Mind school to finished and then we go to get Mind at her school and we went to Thai and Lao market and I bought 6 mama noodle in tomyam flavor and buy a fish and all of the thing that I buy cost about 6 dollars and if we count in thai is about 200 baht and when we finished buying some foods Jadian mom buying some movie and then we go home and write the blog.

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