Today we woke up and we have a breakfast and we told George that he can come on 1 so after meal we did some cleaning stuff. We clear the winter stuff. Then we went to walk the dog. And we clear the dead leaves by the trees. After that I and Mike we have a ride to take the dead leaves. Then we went back and we play with the neighbor kids. Then soon George and Pat came. When they came we went back to our house and I and Spencer play catch and we change to play basketball while they are talking. The I and Spencer we went Inside the house and all of them followed us so we stay inside and they saw the pets. We talk for a while. Then soon they leave. Then we prepare the baseball stuff because today we also planned to go to the Citizens Park to go and bat and pitch and catch. When there we saw our friend Jack B. but he didn’t saw us. At first we play three ways catch and then we went to batting in the batting cages I hit the ball but it didn’t went far but in the last ball I hit it good. Then we went in the baseball diamonds we run and catch the ball then we went back home we play a little while waiting Cheri to came home. When she home we went outside to bought some things then we went to go have a broasted chicken then we heading home.