Today I needed to take the bus to school so I woke up at 6:15 but tomorrow I don’t want to get up early because Michelle will drive for us.On the bus I read the book again for 30 minutes but I had something to tell,the book is for 5-12 years old.So same like everyday the first class was Math then English and Science.After lunch we were continue the Science class and in the class the teacher gave a quiz to students and I needed to do it too.One quiz had 2 question,the first question was “What is Inertia?” The second was “Give an example for the Newton’s first law?” I knew the answer in Thai not in English so I wrote it in Thai and the teacher and friend “Nick” who check my answer were stun! Clara Parker and I were laughing because their faces.Next class was Band then WIN Time and Tech Ed again.In the WIN Time class P’Pat and teacher George were come but they came very quiet and they scared me and Clara! So school over at 3:05 we took the bus home with Clara’s friend came over.