Hi, today Emma and I woke up at 6:40 (as always) Take a shower and get dress. Then I eat breakfast, pancake, chocolate and milk. After breakfast, we went to Bethany and learn Faith and Math and English and Sceince. Then I went to eat lunch, cheese, orange and chocolate. Then I went outside and played manawoodship (someone be it and close their eyes and try to catach someone) After that we went inside and learn Keybord (typing) and gim and went home. We went to playe with the boy next door (well, not very next door but I still call next door) So…….  we went there and play ball take (one person be it and try to throw the ball to anyone and who that the ball touth be it) This game was quite fun, Dillon hit me in face 2 times and that realy realy hurt!!!!!!!!!! So then I hit Dillon back  :~ ha ha, got you. Then moom call us and we have to og , we said  “goodbye to our friend and ran home. I take a shower and write my blog and go to bed. Bye bye