Today is a free fun day because we don’t have any plan just have fun. But Kerry have to go for work. So Todd came at 10.30 in the morning for take cares us. And start build Basketball hoops for us. Then 11.30 Porche and Toto came and visited us because their home is very near. I think it about 10 minuets if we walks so it pretty close. We just played in the backyard and have fun together. I have pizza for lunch. I get very fat when I am here. Next Porche and Toto have to get back so. Then Kerry and me have to get to Kwik trip for buy some eggs in Easter day. Then when we get back home I help Todd to built Basketball hoops and it finished today. Then we play board game today. We play the game name survive. It was very fun. Then we continued played Blitz that Kerry teach me how to played. It was a very exciting game. Then I have to take a shower then get to bed.