This morning I wake up too late!!! I set alarm clock at 6.20 but I wake up at 6.40 a.m. At school to day in language we have test to remember the 40 words of preposition. And in Science we do a weather scale. Purple is for under 0 Fahrenheit. And 80 Fahrenheit or more is red color. Then in Math Ivy have a cookies for her birthday in Sunday and tomorrow we have to shopping and sleep over at Ivy’s home. I have pink owl cookie it’s very cute and very delicious too!!! In P.E. we play dodgeball again and who hit the ball you go to have 5 push up or 10 sit up. So tried!!! In the evening we don’t go to the go green night because we go to Josie’s cousin and I saw a little boy he so cute(and cute than Sky:) Then we go to Walmart and help Kayzie to find something for Ivy’s birthday. Then we back home around 9 o’clock we take a shower and fall sleep fast because tomorrow we go to Ivy’s birthday at 10 o’clock.