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Today is the first day at Wisconsin.I’m very tried today because last night I’m woke up every hour.I’m woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning.When my friends and I finished our stuff.We had serial with milk for ours breakfast.Then we finished our breakfast we walked down the hill with fresh air.We played at playground for a while.At the playground we played flower spin.We played for while teacher George was come and play the flower spin with us.He played it for 1 minute but it’s spin very fast.When it’s stop spinning ,teacher George was fell down from the flower spin! At that time he likes a joker.Then we walked up the hill to drink some hot chocolate.

At 9 o’clock we left the school and took the bus to Wisconsin cheese factory.At the factory we knew about How to make cheeses? How to keep cheeses? and we had try some kinds of cheese such as Cheddar cheese Stick cheese Cheese curds etc. I don’t like cheese but one kind of cheese that I had try make me love it is Cheese curds.When we walked out from the factory it had something special outside,it’s snowing!!! Then we took the bus to the lake.At there it’s have some snow on the ground so we played throwing snowballs.We stay there for 10 minutes.Then we go to had hamburger for lunch but it’s not a common hamburger,it’s cost 8 dollars it’s very big for 2 people to eat it!!! This restaurant is a goat farm then we finish eating,we go to met 2 goats.They’re cute and play with us for a while.when we came out OMG!!!snowing again.

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