Today, I woke up at at 8 a.m. Get dress and ate breakfast. I ate donut for breakfast. After breakfast it’s rain, so Emma and I can’t go outside,We have to find something to do. Emma pained her nail and I seat beside her. Then we ate lunch and mom Dori, Emma and I went to watch the movie at the theatre. Befor we went to the theatre, dad Kevin and my host brother Dillon went to the football match. We watch Cinnderella, the movie was great. After the movie was finish, we went home and Emma has to practice softball. So mom Dori took Emma and I  to Lakeshore Rise, the place that Emma practice softball.  At Lakeshore Rise Emma met her friends and they all warm up. I told mom Dori that I want to go home. Then mom Dori and I went home and I start writing my blog and then we ate dinner. Then I will take a shower and go to bed.