Today is Thursday . I got up at 6.30 A.M. We had a bowl of cereal as our breakfast today . Then we went to school . When we arrived at school , I wen to classroom suddenly . Because today I didn’t play basketball . Today Nolan , my buddy didn’t went to school in the morning . Today in math class we had math test . It not too hard and not too easy for me . When I finish the test , it still have a lot of time left . So , I picked the math book up and did a homework for tomorrow . Then I had snack . My snack was chip fired . Then we went outside in break time . There are a lot of fog outside . It’s rainy day . Then we had English and literature class . I feel very happy when I know that we had to read only two pages in literature class . Next is lunch time . Today I had ham sandwich , milk , and chocolate pudding as lunch . After that in the break time , I did a history homework . Then we had music and art class . We had to sing a song for our musical . Next we had science and spelling class . We had a little bit homework in science class . Then we had final test in spelling class . Then we had a class about hym that I forgot how to call it . Then I did English homework a little bit . Next we went to gym to practice for musical . This is the first practice of me . It’s very fun . We practiced till 4 O’clock . Then we played basketball for a couple minutes . Then we went home . When we arrived at home , I sit in a family room for an hour . Then I went to help dad hold the light bulb for a while for him to fix Beth’s car . After that I will do English homework .