Today is Monday . It was rainy today . I got up at 6.30 O’clock . Then I took a shower and went out to the kitchen . We had chocolate cereal as a breakfast today . It was very good . I really like it . Then we went to school . We arrived at school at 7.25 O’clock . We had to sit in the pre-school floor that mom work first . Because others teachers had to have a meeting till 7.40 O’clock . When they finished their meeting , we went to our classroom . I sent my homework and do some homework before class start . We had Christ Light as the first class . Then we had math class . We had to do assignment in this class . I also study about new thing in math . It was very interesting . Then we had snack before break time . I had cheese and crackers . Then we went outside . I played football with my friends . It was still raining outside . Then we came to our classroom and start English and literature class . We had homework on both English and literature class . Next is lunch time . I had chicken fried hamburger with cheese , chocolate milk , orange , and oat meal as lunch . Next is the break time . I didn’t go outside because I have to do my home work . There are too much home work for me ( hahaha ) . Then we had spelling class . We had spelling assignment and spelling pretest . Next we had history class . This afternoon I study history don’t understand at all . I don’t know why . Next we had physical education . We had to go outside . Outside still raining . It was also windy too . This afternoon we had to run 700 meters . I was very very tried . Then we came back to our classroom . We packed our stuff and went to practice in gym . Today the practice was very long . It from 03.00 P.M. till 04.30 P.M. When we finished , we went home . We had dinner at home . It was spaghetti and garlic bread . Then we went to animal hospital . We went there to get Sam back from the hospital . He has problem with his leg . Dad and Zack went to hunter safety class for help about student testing . So , we didn’t have to go there . We came back home with mom . I stayed in a living room for two hours . Then I uploaded blog .