In the morning we start at band. Then we learned social studies we learned about Greece it’s so infesting for me because at 6 grade in my school at Thailand we don’t learn about this. Next is Language it’s for grammar lesson. And it’s so hard for me. Now we learned about preposition. At lunch we don’t go to out side because it’s raining. Last night and today have a lot of rain but not too heavy. At lunch we made power point about Thailand for show classroom in last week. Next is Art class. I like art and today we made clay it’s fun:) Then is writing. I can’t do that because they already do it before I come. I read a Harry Potter book first part it’s a very good book!! And I wrote a name all of my class in Thai. At evening Jersie and Kaden are coming. There’re Josie’s cousin. Jersie is in second grade and Kaden in third grade. We play on a tambourine,go to menchies and watch a tangled movie:) Then we ate a supper and Jersie and Kaden are back. We change a clothes and go to upstairs and fall sleep.