Today I’m very tired because I needed to get up early to go to school.School bus will come at 7 o’clock so I woke up around 6 o’clock and did my stuff for ready to school.On the school bus it’s very loud because Garrett and Clara’s friend made noise.Then we at school around 7:45 and school started at 8 o’clock.Before school started I needed to go and give some present to Mrs.Olson,school’s principal,but she didn’t in her room so I needed to come in the afternoon.The first class was Math then English and Science it took about 1 hours and 15 minutes per class.At lunch time Clara and I had some chicken nuggets with rice and milk and I had some carrots for veggie.Then we went to the gym to watched the game “Kick Ball” for a while then we went back to the science class.We studied about Newton’s Law so we watched and did some exercises about the law.When Science class done today we had club.Then we went to band class,Clara played the flute and Grace played the saxophone.Today we had gym class after band class but I didn’t know that so I didn’t bring any gym clothes.In gym class we had to go to 8 stations for did exercises in different ways.Then the last class was Tech Ed it was the kind of making thing from woods today Clara needed to made her photo frame in smaller size from normal size.School was finish at 3 o’clock so I needed to go to gave some present to the principal.This time she was in her room but Clara and I needed to get the bus so I couldn’t explain her what was it in today,I needed to go to explain her tomorrow morning.Then we took the bus to our home and at home my host dad was making spaghetti for supper.When I finished my supper,I went outside and played basketball.Then I went to the farm across the street and I saw a baby horse lay died on the ground so I went inside at that time and watched cartoon with Garrett.When the cartoon end,I went outside and played basketball again.I played basketball about 10 minutes then I went inside and the time was around 7:10 at night.So I did my stuff and went to bed early prepared for school tomorrow.