Today, I woke up a little bit late because I overslept.I woke up on 6.50.So,I quickly brushed my teeth and wore my clothes and came up to eat my breakfast and prepared myself for going to the school.Maya and her dad came to pick me up at 7.20.When I arrived at my school.Maya helped me introduced myself to friends.They’re very friendly.First subject was hockey.I never played it before.So,I just watched them how to play.After that I went to Orchestra room to play.They played very good with small and big instruments.Third subject was Science.Teacher was so kind to me and she taught so good.Fouth subject was homeroom and I didn’t do anything in that class.I just read a little bit of science stuff and we went to history class.Today ,we had a test and I never learned about it before.So,I just guessed it.Next ,I went to English class.They read some books and acted like in the story that they’re reading to.It was very fun.And after that we had a lunch and went to Spanish class.I didn’t understand anything because I never learned that.So,Maya translated for me.and the last class was Math.I came back home and talked with my family for a while.and Dad and Olivia came back to home.I played game with Olivia again.We played it until she went to her dancing class and when dad came back from drive Olivia to learn.We prepared a dinner and waited for mom to eat together.After we finished eating dinner.We prepared stuff for tomorrow and watched TV and we gonna took bath and slept at 8.45 soon.Gn 🌛 Sweet dreams ♥️