Today in the morning I woke up at 6 o’clock but in the house no one wake up except my host mom! but my host mom had to go to work so I had to stay downstairs lonely and watched a movie “Night At The Museum ” until Grace Greta and Nora come over that about 8 o’clock.When Clara woke up at 9:30,we had breakfast and played some broad games.But today I didn’t want to played too much because I’m so tried.after lunch everyone continue playing board game but I want to watched a movie “The Dolphin Tale 2″When the movie end we went outside and played basketball for a while.Then me Grace Greta and Nora went to the farm across the street.We feed horses and played with kitten

For cure my flu so I need to drink warm water and take a medicine.And today I drink 3 bottles of warm water.Now I’m getting better for my throat but my nose it’s not getting better!