Today is Friday every body have Friday but not me again. Today not have anything much we just went to school but change from talk with friends to played basketball. So we have school today and we have two recess and another one is reward recess. Today special class is GYM class and we played volleyball again. It was pretty fun. Then when finish school we played little bit of basketball then Kerry pick us up and before we go home we went to game shop for a game for Jacob cause of new ds. that he get it yesterday. Then when we get back home we get out again but Jacob stay at home and played his ds. so we get out and pump the air for the bike tire then get back home but I went for explore around with my bike and Kerr started make supper is a meet in a oven but I don’t know the name. Then Kerry walk a dog and we still in home and came back so we ate supper. It was very delicious then I get a shower. Then played some things but I don’t know too but things did I know is tomorrow don’t have school because today is Friday.