Today is Saturday and we’re going to be with host family tomorrow. I woke up at 5:30 am, then I brushed my teeth like so. Then I had 4 pieces of pizzas for breakfast and some snack. then me, Plakaow and Poo went outside and played American football but it was too cold so I went back and wore another layer. Then we went to park and walked on frozen pond and took some picture, it was very cold. Then I went back and wrapped a gift for our school and host family. After we done, we had an orientation class. Then we were heading to Greenbay and visit the St. Norbert university. It’s very big and beautiful. There’s so many buildings and gyms. We ate lunch here, it was a very delicious buffet. After that we’re going to shop at mall in Greenbay. After that we’re going back to Divine Savior Catholic School and have a pancake dinner.