Today we decided not to visit any schools or students. We started with cooking all the food that we bought from the first day we moved in to the apartment because it’s going bad. We didn’t have time to eat in very much, mostly ate in the morning so we had a lot of food left. Next time we go shopping for food. I think we will do better about the quantity of the food.

I cooked a big pot of cabbage soup and fried asparagus. We didn’t eat it all. We can save it for later. It made us full until dinner time.

George did some laundry. Since some of his pants get shrunk by the dryer, he used the slow heat this time and it took forever to dry. We didn’t wait until it’s all dry anyway.

We went out to see some accountant and went to the shop to fixing George’s phone’s screen. It costs 119-200 $ for fixing the glass screen or the whole font part. They don’t use the part of the other phone that Sarah gave us. Y Y Plus, just in case we can’t fix only the glass part, they have to replace the whole front part. They don’t have it right now. So they will order that part first so if we need it, we can use it right away. That way we don’t have to wait without phone.

Also we can go back and make a decision again if it’s worth wide to fix it.
This is a lot more expensive that fixing it in Thailand. I think it’d not be over 50 $ in Bangkok, specially the old phone like this.

After that we went shopping for the tailgate party this Sunday at the Brewers game. We bought 3 grills, 2 big table and 2 tents.
It’s all moveable. I think that’s really cool. We don’t have that in Thailand. I think because Thai doesn’t camp so much.
The guy at the mall was really helpful. This is another reason I like about America. Their service is really good(mostly).
Some how we manage to fit all that into our car. It’s quite tight though. I think we might need more car to help moving it.


We have a lot of stuff in our car now and we don’t want to move it to our apartment because our apartment is on the second floor. So we start to looking for a storage unit. We went to many places and it’s all full! Also many places didn’t answer the phone. I think because they’re full too. We checked on the price for a small unit and it cost about the same with the stuff we just bought.
We are thinking about giving it away after the game or donate it. But now 3 grills, 4 bags of charcoals, 2 tables, 2 tents are in our car. Haahaha.

After we tried of finding storage unit, we went to Manitowoc Coffee.
We’re standby for the meeting tonight. Bam kept asking me who will be coming.
But I didn’t know until somebody show up so I couldn’t tell.

Around 6:30 pm. Lily, Bam, Mind, Nemo and their host family showed up.
They all played Spy game with George. In the game, there’re 2 sides, good and bad.
You have to find out who is on your side so you can win the mission.
The kids had a lot of fun with the game.




They have to convince each other that they are on the same side.
They get to lie in the game.







Kay came too! She was lonely because nobody in her family is home.
She ordered hot cocoa and pizza bagel. It looked yummy so I got the same bagel like she did.
It turn out that I can only finished haft of it.

Bam,Mind and Nemo went home around 7:30 pm. Lily stayed longer because her host mom was talking to us and Kay.
Lily went home around 8 pm.



Bye bye