Today I woke up at 6:30 A.M. First I did all if my morning routine. Then I had a whole grain cereal for breakfast. After I packed all my stuff, I made my lunch. It was a turkey sandwich. Then I walked to school and met all my friends. Today, first class was American Government, we studied about taxes again and also took a quiz. Then it was English as a Second Language, We studied vocabularies from “A Singing Men”. After that it was Español and religion and both of them are boring. The next class was geometry and we studied about matrix, vector and did some exercises. Then it was English, we began a new chapter about Shakespearean Sonnet and Italian Sonnet. The next class was gym we played ultimate frisbee inside the gymnasium. And the last class was biology, we lectured about reproductive system. Then I went back to Tim’s home and played pingpong for two hours. Then I went back home and started the fire pit for outdoor supper with Nelsons, Tim, Austin, George, P’Pat, Toto and Porches. We ate sausages, burgers, s’mores, and pudgi pies. The supper was so good and I was so full. Then we played baseball, pool, cut throat and cards. Then everyone left so I walked to Tim’s house to play pingpong again. After that I went back, packed my stuff and went to bed.