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I didn’t go to school today, so I woke up late about 9 o’clock. I had cereal for breakfast. Today we’ll have Bryce’s birthday party. He is turning 17. His birthday cake was very cool and very delicious! It’s made of kit kat, m&m’s, and other candies. Mom bakes cakes for her kids every year. The party start at 6:30 pm. All the family members came. Everybody sang happy birthday song for Bryce. The song was a little bit different from Thai’s happy birthday song. Today, Syd and I didn’t go to school, so we continue making our stars in a jar for Easter Day^^. Other thing we did today was laughing at one of our teacher, I won’t say his/her name. We also watched ‘Dear Kitten’ video, you should watch that, because this video is very funny. The older cat is teaching the younger cat how to get food, where to sleep and other stuff. Tomorrow is Easter, but Thai people don’t celebrate Easter, so this will be my first time to celebrate Easter! That will be awesome!!!! >< I taught Syd some of Thai words, so now she can say ‘sawasdee ka chun chue Sydnee, chun chop see khieo. The meaning is ‘hello, my name is Sydnee. I like green. I think I’ll teach her more Thai words ^^.

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