Today I woke up early to teach our baby boys making sandwich for their lunch. Clearly Tricia spoiled them a lot and they never get to do anything. They’re up around 6-6.30 am. I remind them to get their breakfast by themselves and eat some fruits too. After they’re all done with breakfast, I told them to meet me in the kitchen.
We started with bring out 2 slices of bread, put  mayonnaise on bread, choose chicken or beef ham, put some lettuce and done. George showed them where to get juice, yogurt, chips and fruit. We also had a talk about the dishes in the sink. We usually clean it ourselves but they could help sometimes too.

Yesterday, Porsche has a small piece of wood in his finger and he couldn’t take it out. He thought it will come out by itself. This morning he came to me and let me took it out. He screammm like a baby hahaha.

Around 7:10 am. George drove them to school and I went back to bed for another half hour.

We’re packing our suitcase today. We packed all the winter clothes and stuffs that we don’t need. Around 11 am. We went to the library to use the internet for work.

At 2 pm., we went to Manitowoc Lutheran High School to talk about our Thai student that wants to study here. We waited for Carrie and talked to her quickly so we can pick up the boys from school in time.

We managed to get to the school at 3 pm. The boys weren’t at the meeting point yet. So I waited for them and George drove around the school because we can’t park. I saw Toto and Porsche came outside 5 minutes later.

We took the kids to the library so they can update their blog and we can use the internet to finished our work. We’re really busy this week. And having the boys made we feel like a Cinderella. Wherever we are, we have to be at the school by 3 pm. hahaha

After the library, we went to get roast chicken at Festival Food and went back home quickly because we’re really hungry.

I heated up the rice. The boys set up a table. We ate 2 chickens without talking. I think we’re really hungry.

After that George and I had to pick up one of the mom that came to visit Manitowoc so we told the boys to stay home and don’t damage the apartment. They can watch the movie if they want. Hahahahaha Only four of us know how to watch the movie without TV.

George and I came back really late. I was so sleepy but somehow couldn’t sleep until 1.30 am.