Today Emma and I woke up at 7:15 a.m. Took a shower and get dress. Then I read a book unit 9 O’clock and have breakfast, pancake with chocolate chip. After breakfast, I watch T.V. with Emma about 2 hour. Then it time for lunch, we ate hamburger fo lunch. Then we went outside and played basketball for a while and 20 minut latter we went inside. I read a book while Emma played on her i-pod ( I read a book about  1 hour) About 4:20 p.m., mom Dori, Emma, Dillon and I went out to shopping. We went to MC Sport, walk around and look for things that we want. Emma got a shirt and short, I got short, bag and golf balls. After that we went to a shop near MC Sport. We walk around, Dillon and Emma got a sport shirt,  but I didn’t got anything. After that, we went home and mom Dori cook macaroni cheese for Dillon and I. Emma ate paster for dinner. Then Emma and I went to our room and played game on Emma’s i-pad. 20 minut latter, I went out from her room and start write my blog. Then I watch T.V. about 30 minut and go to bed.