On this day, I woke up at 6 A.M. as usual. I took a shower, brushed my teeth and changed my clothes. Then, I waited for Tricia and the others for some time in the living room. After  that, Tricia and Dave came to the living room. At about 7 A.M., Porsche woke up. We have our breakfast at about 7-8 A.M. . It was yoghurt parfait and English muffins. They were very delicious. After that, we relaxed and do other things  like playing with the kids and talking to Tricia and Dave. Later on, Dave went out to work, while we kept relaxing. Then, Tricia told us to tidy up our room and pick up our clothes from the laundry. It took some time, but it was quite ok. Next, Dave came back to the house. After that, Bam and Mind came into our house along with their host mom. I talked to their host mom , Tricia and Dave. It was quite a nice conversation. Then, Porsche introduced our house to Mind and Bam. They were somewhat surprised by that. They also shared theri experiences with their host mom to us. It was kind of interesting. Then, we played Pool in the basement.

For our lunch, we ordered some chicken wings and onion rings from Buffalo Wild Wings. Mine was Honey Mustard and Medium chicken wings. They were very delicious, except that I got my hands quite dirty after eating those wings and rings. After that, we  talked more about general topics. Then, we went downstairs with Tricia. We started playing Spoon which was a  kind of  a card game which you would need to share cards around and try to collect the cards with the same value. If you were able to get all the cards, you would need to pick one of the spoons on the table. The one that didn’t pick up the spoon loses. It was pretty much an enjoying and intense game, but I liked it. After that, Porsche, Bam and Mind played Pool, while I did something else. Later on, they played some video games. Next,  I relaxed and did other recreational activities. Later on, Bam and Mind went back to their house with their host mom. Then, Porsche and I  did some activities like watching TV and talking to Tricia. At about, 6 P.M. , Tricia, Dave, Porsche, the kids and I went to our neighbors’s house again.We met  Michael, Ryan , Beth who was Ryan’s wife which  I didn’t remember name last  time and other kids. I had some chips and salami as starters. Later on, Megan and her family came in. I met her father, mother and what I presumed to be her younger sister. I began talking to them and the others about  me. I liked this kind of conversation. Megan’s mother told me to keep Megan in the line which meant that to kept her from making problems. I said that she wasn’t a problem-maker, because I didn’t see her causing any problem in school. Next, Porsche, Megan and I went downstairs to play with the kids for a while. I didn’t understand why would Porsche played some pranks on Megan. He had been doing that since school. They kept playing pranks against each other for the time being. Then, we went upstairs to have our dinner. Our dinner was lamb and fish kebab plus some salad. They were quite delicious. After that, everyone had fun in talking in each other. Also, it seemed that the mothers and Megan liked to help and took care of Leo, because he was still young and adorable. Then, I went downstairs and played with the Nerf guns with the kids. I  also had some lightsaber duels with the kids before I went upstairs. When, I was in the upstairs I talked to Tricia, Beth, Megan’s mother and Megan more about myself. It was pretty much nice. After that, Megan went home while I was talking to the other kids more about Thailand. Then, Porsche, Tricia, the kids and I went back home. Beth gave  Porsche and I some clothes. We also said goodbye to the neighbors. I regretted that I couldn’t stay with Tricia and the neighbors  starting from next Friday. After that, we updated our blogs and went to bed.