Today I woke up this morning the weather is cold. So I have my breakfast and I look out the window I saw that it was raining and soon we went to school. When we were school the rain didn’t stop and about the second class the rain stop and the sun shine I thought it stop but it didn’t I about ten minutes it’s rain again and it snow this time. And we have gym also. In gym today we play a badminton game in double in and David versus Spencer and Jack B. in the first game we won 15-6 we play 15 points and in the second game we didn’t finish it but their scores are higher so we let them won. And we came out the weather is good it was sunny and we have one more class and we have a lunch. In lunch time we went to play outside I Jack B. and Trevor we play basketball versus the girls and Spencer went to play kickball with the 5th graders in the break time I was very windy so it make me cold. When the break time is over we went in side. And when it’s Study Hall class I done with my Math work I were sat and soon the storm came again but now it was more heavy. In this time it wasn’t and rain it wasn’t a snow but it was a hailstorm but the hail wasn’t big. When the school end the storm already stop but it still windy. We went home and we came and play outside first we only play catch me and Spencer because the other kids didn’t came out in that time I was windy when the neighbor kids came out we went and play with them we decided to play baseball but we use a tennis ball as a baseball ball. When we play in a few minutes the hail started to come the hail was strong and soon we went back home and the hail started to be stronger and stronger. When we came back we saw that Cheri was back home from work. So we have a supper and I do my blog and soon we went to bed.