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I was really sleepy today and didn’t want to wake up. We took a shower and packed up by 4:45 am. George was the last one finish. 😛
We drove to Midway airport. It took 30 minutes to get there. Not bad, I think because it’s still early and we didn’t get lost. We arrive at Park and Ride around 5:20 am. It’s a parking lot. The price was 50$ for 3 days parking. It’s kind of nice that they have shuttle bus to take us to the airport too.

We’re at the airport around 5:50 am. I already checked in online so we didn’t have to be in the line. We went through security check fast and got to the gate 50 minutes early.
Our flight went well. It’s 2 hours. We arrived Boston at 10:20 am. We went to the hotel right away. It’s a guesthouse on Newbury street area so we’re really close to everything, good location. The guesthouse manager was nice. He let us check in around noon.

We took another shower and went out to meet Christina. She was teaching at Boston College. She and her family used to visit us in Thailand a couple years ago.

We went to eat lunch together near by at the vegetarian place. It’s yummy. I can’t believe I like it.

We talked until 3 pm. Then George and I went to visit Danny, George’s brother. His wife just got a baby. He was really cute. He was very small and quite compare to other babies. Dan and Tracy seem to be so excited being mom and dad. George and Dan talked about movies, politic for like 4 hours. Dan cooked us dinner. We ate and we went back to the hotel around 8 pm.

I was really really sleepy. One half I wanted to explore Boston restaurant and the other half said sleep! I decided to sleep hahahaha, of course. George went out to eat and walked around by himself. I woke up again 10:30 pm so I called him to get me snack.
I still want to eat soup but I know it’s not possible at the time. Boston was kind of dead after 9:30 pm. Hahaha

Tomorrow we are flying again to visit George’s parent in florida. Whaaaooo

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