Last night I didn’t sleep well,I woke up a lot so today I woke up at 5:45 and did my stuff done around 6 o’clock.Wveryone woke up at 6:05 and we had breakfast at 7 o’clock.Our breakfast was like a cup of noodles and it tasted not too bad.When we finished our breakfast we watched the cartoon until 8 o’clock we had to leave our room.In fact we could stay until 8:30 but I didn’t know why they wanted us to go downstairs.At the lobby we upload our yesterday blog because the WiFi wasn’t working upstairs.While we were busy with our blog,Lily forgot her lunch box so Fah and I went upstairs again.I got my backpack with lunch box and Pringles for our group.We left the hotel at 8:40 and we walked the the Blue Line train station.We took the train to the Clark/Lake station and we were at there at 9:30.Then we walked to the bus station near by and we took the bus to the Field museum.We were at the museum around 10 o’clock and we had to choose what we wanted to go.My group chose to see the dinosaur 3D movie but the movie started at 11:15 so we looked around until that time.We walked upstairs to looked around and took a picture until 11 o’clock we walked downstairs.Before that we bought some snack for the movie then we stayed in line to get the 3D glasses.The movie wasn’t movie it was like a discovery and it took just about 30 minutes.The movie was about the dinosaur name “Sue” that had die 67 million years ago.When the movie end we walked out from the theater and took a photo for a couple pictures.Then Fah Lily and I went upstairs first and we hid away from Pear and In.They texted us to ask where are we,we just laugh and answer them “We were in the museum”.But the time was up everyone had to go to the meeting spot so we told them to came upstairs and met us in front of the Sue fossil.Then we took some picture in front of the museumand we left there at 12:10.Then we walked to the Millennium Park but the short way was close so we had to use the long way.We were at the park at 12:45 and we left there at 1:15.At the park we took a photo with a Chicago landmark Bean.When we finished we walked to the restaurant “Subway” to had some lunch.Then we left there at 2:10 and when we went outside teacher George had a surprise for us,we we will go to the cinema to watched the movie “Avengers Age of Ultron”.On the way to the cinema we stopped to watched a street show but we waited for them to talk and prepared their stuff for 15 minutes.When they finished that stuff they showed us just a little show for 10 minutes then we wanted us to donate for them,WHAT! Then we continued walking and we stopped at the candy shop “Dylan’s Candy Bar” for 15 minutes.Then we walked to the cinema and we were at the AMC cinema at 3:10.When we finished buy our snack for the movie we waited for the 11 room to clean up then we could go inside.Before that Fah and I ran to get some drink then we went inside.The movie started at 4:10 and the advertisements took for about 20 minutes.The movie end at 6:45 and next was dinner time.When we went outside we had a very big problem and the problem was it was raining.So we had to used our jacket or our backpack to protect our head from the rain.We walked to the bus station near by then we had to walk around to find some restaurant for 30 minutes then we had to go to Thai’s restaurant that we will have it tomorrow and that mean tomorrow we have to find another restaurant to eat.We had some food with rice and coconut ice-cream for dessert.While we were eating,teacher George went outside to find some raincoats for us.First time it looked like the rain was gone but when we finished our dinner and we went outside,the rain was still fell so we could use it.We took some picture in front of the restaurant with everyone were wearing the raincoats,it looked silly like we were a colorful puffy group.Then we left there at 9:30 and we walked to the bus station to get the bus to the Orange Line train station.We took the train just one station then we changed to the Blue Line back to the Cumberland station.We were at the station 10:15 and we walked back to the hotel.

Today the weather was so bad,there was too sunny in the afternoon and rainy in the evening.And while I watched the movie,I got a headache so when I came out and my head was wet it was getting worst! So at the hotel I had to get some medicine from P’Pat and go to bed quickliest that I can.

The other thing was today I talked to Clara and she sent me the Rubik’s cube picture that she did it by herself and it all full.I was very happy about that,Go Clara(Don’t forget to practice it everyday.)