Today, I woke up at 6 A.M. . Porsche woke up after me as usual. I brushed my teeth and changed my clothes as usual. Then, Tricia provided Porsche and I our breakfast. It was blueberry bread and some donuts. They were quite delicious. Next, Porsche, Tricia, the kids  and I went to Megan’s house again. We picked her up again us usual. After that,  we went to the school and met Jensen once again. Then, Megan and I went to the Spanish class. Ms. Doll told us to do some additional Spanish exercises in groups. I managed to help Megan and her friends in some Spanish questions, but after that I couldn’t help much, because I hadn’t studied Spanish yet. After the hour was finished, we went to the Math class. It was pretty much about the quadratic equations which I had learn before, so it was quite easy. Next,  we went to the Art Class again. This period was a study  hall period, so I just do something else or talk to others. I also watched a school video concering about general school topics and events. Megan and I also went to the Science class for a little bit along with Porsche and Jensen. Then, we went to the Gym. We did some jogging for some minutes, because our teachers were preparing us to run for about a mile.  Today’s  main activity was Capture The Flag which you would need to capture your opposing side’s flags and took it to your side’s area. In the opposing side’s area, there were hoops which other people and I could use to stage  the  stealing of the opposing side’ flags. Be aware that the opposing side could also use the hoops on our side in order to steal our flags too. If anyone was tagged, he or she would be sent to the jail. That person could be freed if he or she managed to get the ball thrown from their friends or  their friends managed to  free the that person out. It was quite fun, but I didn’t know how to play this properly. It would need some time to get used to this kind of game. Then,  Megan and I went to the English class. Today, Mr. Larsen led us  read us  more books and made an account for shelfari which was designed for reading. It was kind of interesting.

Next, we went to the cafeteria. I microwaved 4 mini-cheeseburgers and ate them. They were delicious.  I also ate a cup of butterscotch pudding and some nachoes. Megan gave me some pineapples too. They were also delicious too. After that, we went back to the English class ,and read more about our books. Then, the period was finished. So, we went to the History class and studied more about the causes of the U.S. entry into the war. I also helped Megan  with that too. I discovered that Megan would be busy going to play football or something else, so she dropped me in the Science class. Jensen and Porsche picked me up . We went to the Spanish class again, but in a different room with a different teacher. Her name was Ms. Johnson. I didn’t do anything much, because I had pretty much no skills in Spanish. So, I  talked to Jensen and others about Thailand and other things. I also handed them my icebreaker presentation. They were quite interested in  them. Some of them even thought that the photos were actually photoshopped! I had some fun in doing these kinds of things. Porsche actually believed that Ms. Johnson’s name was actually a cool name. I wasn’t quite sure on that one though. Then, Porsche and I waited at the outside of the school. Next, Porsche and I got picked up by Dave. We went to our house at about 3.30 A.M. . Then, we started relaxing and do something else. I also played Pool with Porsche. It was kind of ok, but I lacked skills in that kind of thing. Porsche won that one. Later on, Phu came in and played with Porsche before he returned to his house. After that , Porsche and I had our dinner,  it was barbequed pork ribs and some potatoes. They were very delicious.  Then, we relaxed further and uploaded our blogs. Finally, we went to bed.