Today is a sad day. We leave our host family and get to the hotel in Illnois. We get to hotel about 15.00. First I wake up and get to ate breakfast at 9.00 because met Goerge at his hotel about 10.00. So we ate breakfast in the city with John and aunty becky. Then we walk down the street for bathroom and look some stuff. Then we get to met Goerge and pack bags up then we get to the hotel in Illions. We say bye to our host family and I was pretty sad. We get here about 3 hours. Then when we finish we walk to train and get in Chicago. We ate some pizza for supper and it was very delicious. Then we get to the tallest skyscraper in the world. It was skydeck and it was amazing. Then we a lot and take a lot of pictures. Then get back to the train and back to the hotel again. It was about 23.30 so we will get to bed soon.