On 5 May , we woke up early, got dressed and ate breakfast, chocolate chip. After breakfast, we move all the bags down to the lobby and took the hotel bus to O’Hear airport. It started to rain when we left the hotel. Our group are big so we have to separated in two group. Finally we meet the other group at the check in counter. We have to wait for the counter to open for 2 hours. 9 O’clock we all check in. After that we had 30 minutes for window shopping. 12 O’clock, we board the plane, I sat with Plagaow and Pokpong. It’s a long hours flight. So most of the time I slept. Finally we arrived Incheon airport, we only have 10 minutes before the plane took off and we have to hurry. This time I sat with Lily and Pear. We watch movie and talk. About 9 p.m. we arrived Sukhumvit airport and meet our parent. I hope to see all of my friends again.