Last night I went to bed around 9:45 but I wanted to read a book “Stone Fox” to got my group reading goal.My goal was an hour so I read it until 10:15 I got 50 minutes total and I had just 10 minutes left so I would go to bed but Clara wanted to play the Rubik’s cube all pattern.So I told her to find a video about it but the video was confusing so I had to sit by her and tried to teach her.It took me until 10:45 then we went to bed.

Today I went to Buddhism temple but at our house had a big party for Cole confirmation and Garrett birthday.In fact Garrett birthday was on April 21st (Tuesday) but everyone was busy so we had a party for him today.And that mean they couldn’t come with me so they had to drop me with P’Pat and teacher George.So I needed to get up at 7:30 and did my stuff done around 9 o’clock.Jamie drove for me to Manitowoc so we left home around 9:10 and we were at a car park that we met teacher George around 9:35.On the way I continued read the book from last night I read it for 10 minutes so my reading goal was done.We were at the temple at 9:50 then we went inside and started our ceremony.First time I thought that the temple would be like the temple in Thailand but in fact in just the house that had Buddha statue inside.We waited until the monk finished eat some food then we could eat our lunch around 11:30.We had Thai’s food for our lunch.I had fried chicken and som-tum with sticky rice,YUMMY.When we finished our lunch we sat and talked for a while then around 12:20 we had to give an interview.Fah was very lucky that she went home earlier than us so she didn’t have to give an interview.When we finished that we left the temple around 12:35.We had to send Nemo back home first then it was my turned on the way I had nothing to do so I read the book for 30 minutes.I were at home around 2 o’clock and P’Pat and teacher came inside to eat some Garrett’s birthday cake.At home around 3 o’clock we went upstairs and Clara needed to wear a Thai’s dress but she didn’t want to go downstairs to show the people.Then around 3:30 we went outside to play basketball.But when we went outside Clara took my favorite ball I chasing her for a while then we started play our basketball.We played basketball for a while then we change to play throw a ball over the roof and we had a problem,the problem was Cole tried to kick the ball and his right shoe got stuck on the roof and it took for a while to get it down.I went inside for a while then around 5:40 I had a supper then I went upstairs to talk with my parents for a while.Then around 6:45 The kids came upstairs and played for a while then we went downstairs and had some cake with ice-cream until 7 o’clock I went outside to play basketball again.We went outside for an hour then I went inside at 8 o’clock.