Last night George and I worked late so I woke up late this morning. We went to Valders post office to mail our program’s info packet to schools. It’s raining most of the day today but the temperature was very warm. It’s around 11-13’c.

We’re going to visit Lily at school because she is in Valders Middle School but we didn’t see any car so we called her host mom, Dana and we found that Lily has Thursday,Friday and Monday off. We tried call other kids but seem like nobody home. We headed back to Manitowoc and went to In’s school. Her school was locked. We think it’s closed too. All the school probably close tomorrow too. It’s Good Friday. Sort of religion day and this Sunday is Easter which is a really big holiday like Song Kran in Thailand.

Since we couldn’t do anything today, we stopped by at Silver Lake College to talk to them about summer program. They have quite a few choices and they seem to be interested to do something with us.
They gave us FREE Starbucks coupon that we can use in the coffee shop there. I like this College already hahaha.

Another place we visit was Thai Temple in Manitowoc. It was on Gass Lake Road. From outside the building looks like a normal house. We’re confused a little bit. We got off and met a monk and his American follower. They took us inside and show us the temple.


They said they just bought this house a year ago and turn it to a temple. It took a lot of time to get a license which they just got. The monk can speak both Thai and Laos. He lives in United State for almost 8 years and has been living in Wisconsin for almost 2 years.

He is going to have Songkran ceremony on April 18,2015 at 10 am. There’ll be 2 more monks from another state.
We will make it another meeting activity day so the host family can experience Thai culture.
There will be ceremony that you pour water to Buddha image and giving food to a monk.
That could be interesting. Again, it’s optional. Not every kid has to come.


We came back home early. George asked me to take a walk with him because the weather was really warm and nice. We walked around our apartment. We used to see deer here. Today we didn’t see any but we see its poop.


I cooked dinner around 4:30 pm.(I cooked lunch too) Today dinner was rice soup, stir fried cabbage and omelet and the sweet was melon. George loves my cooking a lot. I know I am a good cook. Our room is kind of smell like food. I don’t know how to make the smell go away.

My cooking today.

Kay sent me a message, asked me to join her Zumba dance. I said yes.
She picked me up at the apartment around 6.30 pm. She thought her class was 7 pm. but it’s actually 7.30 pm. so we stopped at the light house and take a walk for a little bit.

We went to class 15 minutes earlier. Nobody came yet.
There’re only 4 students in class today. We dance for 45 minutes. I wasn’t so tired.
I think because I didn’t jump so much. It’s kind of similar to Aerobic dance in Thailand.

After we finished class, we went to Kay’s house to get Menchies card and went to Menchies.
It’s a yogurt shop that you can choose favor and topping yourself and pay by weight.
I didn’t come here yet because George is on diet.
We ate and talked. Kay dropped me off at game shop near the library.
George was waiting for me there. I came home with George. I told him that I went to Menchies with Kay. I couldn’t keep a secret. And George said “What? You exercise and then eat Menchies? Why?” So I told him just like when Kay told me ” Kay said yogurt is healthy and Kay only get healthy topping such as orange, nut. Only a couple bad topping like M&M, hot fudge.”
George shakes his head. I don’t know what it means.

If you remember, George got internet from Straight Talk sim card. It was fast at first but now it’s out of high speed internet.
We have a really slow internet but it works.

Tomorrow, we will visit Lily in the morning and on Saturday we will visit Bam and Mind to check on things with them before the holiday.
Lately, I don’t hear anything about the kids much which is good. I know a few of them still adjusting and I’m keeping my eyes on them.