Today I woke up at 6:30 am then I eat a breakfast I eat a donut then after I finish eat a donut we go to school today my first class is history then we have english in english I red a book then next I have spain class it is a free class I read mu book then after I finish spain class we go outside school to Mexican restaurant in Sheboygan then in a bus ( we go by school bus ) I play a card and play a magic then after we stay at Mexican reastaurant I eat a something then it have rice and 2 side dish then after We finish a main dish we eat a desert we want to eat a ice-cream but they no ice-cream then we eat something like a bread + honey then after we finish eat a lunch in Mexican restaurant we come back school and I have spain class it a free class again then after we finish spain class we come to libary to do u blog .