Today is Sunday . We have baseball game today . It’s between Brewers and Privates . We got up at 6.30 A.M. . Then I went to kitchen to cook mama for my breakfast . I bought it from Thai-Laos shop on Friday . Then I went downstairs with P’Pat , T.George , and Junior . We helped T.George carried the stuff that we will use today put in the car . Then T.George and Junior went to see a bird around the fence that next to a forest . Then they went to the meeting point together . Because the car didn’t have enough space for four people so P’Pat and I have to wait for Toto and Porche ‘ host mom to pick us to the meeting point . When they came , the car didn’t have enough space for five people in the front . So , Porche had to sit in the back of the car where we put the stuff in it . When we arrived at meeting point , we met many Thai friend . I also took Nolan and Josh to the baseball game too . Then we use about one and a haft hour to go to the stadium . When we arrived at the Miller Park stadium , we have a party before the game . In the party had many food . We also have grilled sausage . During the party we also played football and card game . When we entered the stadium , I’m very exiting because I never go to the place like this before . The stadium is very big . I guess that the stadium can contain about five hundred thousand people . During the game they alway had a song to cheer the Brewers team . It’s very fun . But finally the Privates won today . It’s very sad . They hit a lot of balls . When the game end , we can run around the base in the field . Then we went to the gift shop to buy gifts about the Brewers team . I didn’t buy anything . Then we came back to the meeting point and went home . We got two bottle of soft drink from the party . When we arrived at home . I came to my bedroom and unload blog . After that I will do my homework .