Today I get up at 6.00a.m. (very very early) because Arianna have basketball tournament. We eat burger at McNodal and we go to basketball stadium. We have many teams. I think she play better than last week and we more fun. She and her team play very well^_^. We watch she play since 7.a.m.-12a.m. (5hours(long time). So we very hungry. When finish we go to grandma’s house. Then we go to restuarant (I not sure it lunch or dinner because it’s 3p.m.) I eat many things etc. 2porks , rice and the most I like is chocolatefall. You can dip mashmello, pineapple, brownie, strawberry etc. it fun and yummy^^. Then we come back to home. Arianna go to her friend’s house. So I watch The Amazing Spider-man2. Then I take a shower. byeeeeee