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Today, I arrived at school in the morning, and got cookie before the first class started. Just the same class everyday! In the gym class, we played gridball, I haven’t played this thing before. This evening I found out that yesterday I played kickball not baseball -.,- I tought it was baseball hahaha^^. The next class was Spanish, I like this class the most, I don’t know why. No reason!! Then we went to Algebra class, I was sleepy. After that we went to Social Studies class, and worked on our big project, it is a partner project. Before the class end, we watched a video about Thailand.
The we had our lunch, I had chickens, fried chicken? I can’t remember how to call it, I knew only It is a chicken. When we fininshed lunch, the next class was reading, and went to quest class after reading. In this class everybody have to do their own opener, just make everybody play games together, and today’s opener game was say a name, any name, like I say Sydnee and the next person has to say another name that the fisrt alphabet start with ‘E’, because ‘Sydnee’ end up with letter E. Later we went to singing class, and then we went to the last class, that was Language class, and Syd had to give a speech today, her speech was very good. Today is Apr fool day, so teachers teased the kids. Syd and I going to tease mom and dad when we’re home by pretend that I did something bad at school, so I got a yellow slip, and I have to give that to mom and dad for them to sign, but I forgot to get the slip, so we can’t tease mom and dad!!

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